the work that keeps her grounded

- A fashion brand built on sustainable principles
and unconventional business moves -

Designer Vanessa Montoro has always regarded luxury and sustainability as natural allies. When she launched her own brand 20 years ago, she started a brand based on ethical values without even thinking that would become a trendy topic.

Sustainability is just a frenesi matter very recently, though she has been practicing it inherently since the scratch. “Nowadays being a eco-friendly brand is no longer a niche, it is becoming a new norm”, highlights Vanessa Montoro, and she´s happy with it.

She designs pieces from crocheted silk material and her technique was passed down from her grandma. Crochet is a centenary technique that was related to nostalgia with sophistication. What Vanessa saw was an opportunity to change how people used to see crochet.

She also decide to break with the traditional fashion calendar by creating produtcs that are seasonless and long-lasting. “Going against the norm isn’t easy though”, she says.

To make real, long-term, sustainable progress and design great clothes that people want, she needed to slow down the pace.

To make real, long-term, sustainable progress and design great clothes that people want, she needed to slow down the pace.

In 2002 she launches her high end hand made brand that was everything a brand wants to be now. Eco-friendly, socially responsible and timeless.

The raw material used for their dresses, which are called true works of art, are the noblest material that exists, the silk, that in the case is organic of discards by the industry.

The threads of silk are dyed manually with naturally pigments such as coffe, spinach, urucum, erva mate, beetroot, ensewing unique colors variations.

All the pieces are 100% hand made by women that she calls fairy hands. “My work would never be possible without the work they did”.

VANESSA MONTORO was included in 2016 in the hall of international brands using bussiness as a force for good.

“Working with silkworm is already a challenged itself. The insect is fragile and feeds exclusively on mulberry leaf without pesticide, otherwise it dies. That is, he´s the auditor of nature himself”, she explains.

Certified B Corporations are bussinesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


  • Create a clean fashion supply chain;
  • Choose small & local producers;
  • Value artisans;
  • Commit to social responsibility;
  • Rethink overconsumption;
  • Making timeless pieces that last longer;
  • Redefine handmade as the new luxury